The Number 1 Entertainment Complex in Key West, Florida

Rick's Bar and Entertainment Complex is the Biggest PARTY on the Baddest street in
Paradise Key West, Florida.

​​​​​​​Located at the corner of World Famous Duval & Greene
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 This is the place where everyone on the island meets for a good time with great people.


Rick's Entertainment Complex is the PREMIER place to party in Key West. AND the most diverse! Grab a pizza at Angelina's and pair it with a beer at Tree Bar. Walk into Durty Harry's and grind it out with The Durtbags (our resident rock band), slip upstairs near Crow's Nest and watch daily live performances from the balcony, or mosey on toward Rick's Dance Floor to enjoy a top 40 mix and 4 more awesome bar themes.


The Rossi World Loyalty Card is your all access pass to Rick's when the crowd gets thick. Enjoy exclusive deals, earn reward points, skip the lines, waive cover charge, and much more!

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Besides being the top place to party in Key West, we also have the nicest concert venue in town hands down. We are also the coolest place to be when there is a festival or special event going on.

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Sometimes a great night out gets lost in the crowd or somewhere in the clouds. But at Rick's that moment may be captured and made available.

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 - the absolute best time we had in Key West was spent at Rick's

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